For Safe and Healthy Migration Journey

Promoting safe and healthy migration in the new normal with COVID-19

The roundtable discussion was led by the Secretariats of the MHWG, the General Office for Population and Family Planning MOH, International Organization for Migration (IOM) and World Health Organization (WHO).

High on the agenda was the presentations by MOFA, MOLISA and MOH on the overview of international migration since the resumption of the border opening since March 2022 and the updated progress of the Global Compact for Migration implementation.

In December 2018, the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which features health as a cross-cutting priority, was adopted at an inter-governmental conference by the majority of member states, including Viet Nam, at the UN General Assembly.

In response, the Prime Minister of Vietnam issued Decision No.402/QD-TTg on the Global Compact for Migration implementation plan in 2020 with the Minister of Health following up with Decision No.5608/ QD-BYT to deploy the Global Compact for Migration plan within the health sector in 2021.

The plan covers a range of public health interventions that aim to ensure the health of Vietnamese migrants overseas in public health emergencies.

As part of the 1.6 million USD support of the Government of Japan, IOM has supported the Vietnam Government’s safe resumption of international travel by enhancing public health capacity at Points of Entry (POE) of six land-border crossings throughout Viet Nam and five international airports (Noi Bai, Da Nang, Cam Ranh, Tan Son Nhat, and Phu Quoc airports). It is estimated that 400 frontline officials, 50 Government officials and 3000 citizens have benefitted directly from this project.

Earlier this year, IOM also introduced health handbooks for Vietnamese migrant workers living in Japan and the Republic of Korea, which provide basic information, advice, and guidance for health needs of migrant workers.

Ms. Park Mihyung, the IOM Chief of Mission gives her opening remarks. (Source: IOM)

In her opening remarks, Ms. Park Mihyung, the IOM Chief of Mission, stressed: “The pandemic brought into focus the vital role that migrants play in our societies, and the need for more effective mechanisms that both protects and empowers migrants as important members of our communities. As Viet Nam has successfully reopened the borders, our challenge is to continue supporting migrant workers, especially those who travel overseas to work, ensuring that they are provided with accurate information, empowered to make informed decisions, and protect themselves from the risks when working overseas.”

The roundtable participants also discussed new ideas, shared experiences from various stakeholders to develop the most suitable plan for MHWG in 2023.

IOM will work very closely with MOH to formulate recommendations to the Migrant Health Working Group to ensuring the health of migrants in the “new normal” phase in Vietnam.

The roundtable discussion to promote safe and healthy migration in the new normal with COVID-19. (Source: IOM)
Migration Health Working Group (MHWG) is an inter-ministerial working group established by Vietnam Minister of Health in May 2021.

MHWG serves as a technical coordination mechanism that enables the relevant departments across different ministries to manage migrant health issues and coordinate with relevant stakeholders to foster the design and implementation of migrant-friendly health interventions and policies.

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